Monday, September 28, 2015

Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers UNDER 48.5(Lose 38-28............could have won with a 38-7 score............but why---WHY---do the Chiefs have to go and score 3 TDs in the 2nd half?  Didn't they know the game was over,  effectively,  because they were behind by 3 scores?  I question the Packers' defense in letting up;  they might not be very good.)

KANSAS CITY +12 over Green Bay teased with UNDER 54.5-----Smith only had 25 PAs last game even though the total went way Over.  I like the KC defense because they have Ron Parker;  with Jarrett Parker having hit 3HR in a game 2 days ago with 7RBI.  Hopefully,  some FGs instead of TDs.(Lose by 11.5..........I guess I liked the Chiefs last year...........and wanted to give them another chance.  But no,  no more.   The Kansas City Chiefs SUCK and won't win more than 2 more games all season.   First of all,  this game was NFL fraud:  You cannot let a QB----even a star like Rodgers----call a fucking penalty on the opposing team.  That's what he did!   The Packers throw incomplete on 3rd down and Rodgers gets in the Ref's face and tells him to call a penalty on the Chiefs for too many men on the field.  NO!  You can't throw the challenge flag and call for a video review of a play JUST TO GET A PENALTY CALLED ON THE PLAY WHICH WASN'T CALLED.   It's so fucking illegal what he did.  You can't just say, "Oh,  I missed the 1st down..........but I think a penalty should have been called on them."  AND THEN THE REFS CALLED THE FUCKING PENALTY!!!   Millions of people saw that and nobody's suing the fucking NFL????????   You've gotta be kidding.   NFL in big trouble already for letting Brady annul his own suspension and cost me money.  Now its letting Rodgers call penalties on the team I'm betting on.  I can't believe a "National" sports organization has sunk this low.  Its worse than MLB letting McGwire and Bonds use steroids.   There are no enforceable rules anymore;  only the will of stars.)


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