Sunday, September 27, 2015

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +14 over New England Patriots(Lose 51-17)
JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +750 over New England Patriots-----How many TD did Vad Lee have for James Madison yesterday?  Well,  a lot----Jaguars have Marquise Lee.   Adoree Jackson, a TD for USC in their blowout..........Don Jackson 2TD's for Nevada in their win.......Look,  Brady shouldn't even be playing in these games;  he's suspended.   If he tries to play,  with our money in the game,  it won't be pretty.   The guy destroyed his cellphone,  should have replayed the Colts Patriots game but,  because they didn't,  and because the Super Bowl got good ratings with Brady in it,  BRADY DOESN'T HAVE TO SERVE HIS SUSPENSION!!!??????   That's so fucking illegal----I'm surprised Brady's been allowed to win 2 games so far.(Lose 51-17...........the NFL is fucking sick.  Brady should not be in these games and if the Jaguars----the sorry,  pathetic Jaguars----won't make Brady pay,  someone else will.  Bortles 51%.........pshhhh.  What a joke.   Blount 3TD.   I can't believe the NFL let this happen.)

NEW YORK JETS -3(-115) over Philadelphia Eagles------Eric Decker OUT.  Chris Ivory OUT.  Wow,  who's gonna play?   Ohhhhh..........Look at Shaquille Powell 3 TD, 88yds for Duke yesterday in a shocking upset over Georgia Tech.   Patrick Towles #14 throws 81% and beats the ranked team,  Missouri,  21-13.   Well,  I haven't been winning my home games lately(thanks Wake Forest).........but at least DeMarco Murray is listed OUT for the Eagles.(Lose 24-17.........Bradford throws 50% and wins?   Jets allow more points in the 1st half on this game than they've allowed all season.   Jets were a 2-0 team...........playing at home..........and they lose to an 0-2 team.   WTF?  Bilal Powell averages only 3.1 yards per rush.   Jets -3TO.   I thought the Jets always won the turnover ratio by 4.   What the hell happened in this stadium?   Jets were my odds on favorite to make the Super here they are losing at home to an 0-2 team!)


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