Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -127 over San Diego Padres(Cashner)(Lose 4-3)
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -1.5(+160) over San Diego Padres(Cashner)----With all the police-abuse stories coming out of Texas----and the latest Texan atrocity being the student arrested as a suspected terrorist for building a clock,  I'd certainly see it as a liability for Cashner to be from Texas today.   Cashner is 1-2 against Arizona this year.   Ray,  however,  has lost twice to San Diego this year,  giving him the double Pitcher Revenge.   Prior to last week's start----in which Arizona was leading 10-0 after the 2nd inning with Ray pitching-----the Diamondbacks scored an average of 2.61 runs in the games that Ray started.   (That may make Ray one of the least-supported starting pitchers in baseball this year,  I would think.)   Arizona has scored an average of 4.49 Runs per game in all of their games combined.   We'll go out on a limb and say that a new trend of Ray getting run support MAY emerge with its beginning in his start 5 days ago.(Lose 4-3............Arizona sucks and is the worst fucking state.   And they won't catch their snipers LIKE A FUCKING DUCK IN A NOOSE........No,  they'll strike again and again,  because its just more shit-run-support for Ray.  Oh,  he has a problem as a pitcher:  It takes him 101 pitches to go a sorry 4 and 2/3 innings.  And Chip Hale,  or whatever the fucking manager of this team's name is,  he COULD have taken Ray out of the game before he faced Matt Kemp to give up the game-losing home run.   He could have taken him out because HE'D THROWN 101 FUCKING PITCHES.  but no,  I guess they liked his chances as a lhp against the right-handed power hitter like Kemp.  Because his 102nd pitch was his last.   Is Cashner so hard to hit?   I don't think so.  Cashner lasted 7inn in this game,  and he hadn't lasted that long in his previous 10 this is just more fucking bullshit.)

CHICAGO CUBS(Arrieta) -144 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Burnett)------Yeah;  Arrieta's just so successful this year.(Win 3-2...........Kris Bryant 3-6...........nice bunt by Castro.   But I expected to win this game by more runs.)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Wright) -120 over Boston Red Sox(Owens)----With Steven Strasburg's 8inn 1-hitter last night and Nolan Arenado's GWHR,  I'm willing to risk betting Wright here as Baltimore has Steve Pearce and Nolan Reimold.(Lose 10-1..........I almost did bet the Over to protect this bet.   But it moves from 8.5 to fucking 9 and I said whatthefuck.   Wright,  clearly,   sucks.  But I thought the Orioles had some decent rhbs that might hit.   Pearce 0-4.........Hardy 0-2..........Nah,  they suck.  Baltimore sucks.  Baltimore's a shitty,  horrible little city..........Dustin Pedroia 2HR.........Deven Marrero 3-4--who's that?............David Ortiz 2-4,  HR.)

NEW YORK METS(Colon) -1.5 (-105) over Miami Marlins(Conley)---------Marlins won yesterday as a huge underdog,  shelling Degrom.   If you wanna go with the Mets,  we'll go with the Mets to bounce back here with the starting pitcher advantage.(Lose 6-0............yea,  I fucking drew 'METAL HEALTH' off my iPod.  That's supposed to be METS,  motherfucker!   Stupid fucking bet.   This is why I don't bet Colon:  His stuff is so fucking weak----can't believe he gets away with walking so few people.   Conley only has had about 7 starts,  but he's never done CLOSE to as good as he did in this game against the sorry,  fucking pathetic Mets.   I'd never seen him pitch before.   But he was a machine in this game----he's actually very good.   Wonder how he did so poorly before this.   Colon.........totally pathetic---a joke, really.   Mets will get destroyed if they make the playoffs.  They have no fucking chance.   Fucking losers.)


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