Sunday, September 27, 2015

DETROIT LIONS +3(-105) over Denver Broncos(Lose 24-12)
DETROIT LIONS +135 over Denver Broncos------Matthew home as Lions QB.  Sam Bradford somehow won on the road today throwing 50% for what were the NOBODY,  0-2 Eagles.  Brad-FORD,  see?   Who were the Eagles,  at 0-2,  to go on the road and beat a 2-0 team???  I have no fucking clue how that happened but they had Ryan Mathews getting 128yds with a TD.  Oh,  did Matt Ryan also win 39-28 on the road today?  YES.  (Maybe its some kind of advantage to be on the road today..........but I don't understand that).   Lions are home-off-two-road-losses,  they haven't played a home game yet.   And as we type,  Tyrann MATHIEU has 2 interceptions already in the first half on his game so,  as the more I think about this I can't see how the Broncos can win this game,  we are releasing this,  The BCLI Sunday Night Game of the Year.(Lose 24-12..........You cannot COMPREHEND how fucking FUCKED UP this game was.........PENALTY on Detroit........and they get to kick the FG again and make it the 2nd time.  Despicable.  Stafford called for a fumble even though his arm was clearly moving forward when the ball came an incomplete pass was called a fumble by NFL idiots........Spectacularly and viciously bad pass defense by Detroit........balls going thru their hands.........freakishly incompetent shit like that.......yet for all that,  Lions still should have won,  driving with 3 minutes left down 17-12........They were at home,  at 0-2,  they SHOULD NOT have had the bad luck of freakishly tipped pass and interception by David Bruton.  No,  that's-----MUST be----can ONLY be the fault of a failed,  bankrupt city with absolutely nothing of value in it.   And now the team is being sold to Las Vegas:  Detroit lost this NFL franchise by being a FAILED, SHITTY city.   These are the Las Vegas Lions now and the team must relocate immediately to avert disaster.)


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