Sunday, September 20, 2015

GREEN BAY PACKERS -3.5 over Seattle Seahawks------This is home revenge for a playoff game in January where Seattle beat Green Bay.(Win 27-17)

GREEN BAY PACKERS +2.5 over Seattle Seahawks teased with Green Bay vs Seattle OVER 44-------Being in Sports Illustrated doesn't always help you,  but I read the article about Rodgers and he seemed impressive;  he read "Earthing";  he's smart and effective and all that,  working out and stuff.  (Certainly Tyler Rogers, QB for New Mexico State isn't feeling great after what happened to his team last night)   Seattle was +2 TO in their loss at Stl last week so.................that suggests weakness.  Wilson had 41 passing attempts in that game---in which 65 points were scored:  suggests Over.  Rodgers only had 23 PAs against the Bears but there were 54 points scored in that game. (1 PA for Rodgers,  I'm comfortable speculating,  could be worth more points than for other QBs).   As Green Bay has James Starks and James Jones,  I see the James Mintner church shooting today in Selma, Alabama as more of a potential positive for GB than a potential negative(altho it could be that).  ALABAMA JUST LOST AT HOME fer chrissakes!   "So if I make the wrong move its all down the drain............we use to do it all for 2 pounds o' move then ya hit a few pounds o' cain....u only took da O-ver if u was down ta would think once I hit 30..........a grown-man gotta stop doing kids dir-tay............."( this wrong;  could easily have taken the Under 56 and won easily.  The Packers don't really throw that much....unless they have to.  Its not like Brady,  who's throwing all those short passes.  And Wilson is a horrible passer.  GB was +1TO,  had 33 PA's)


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