Friday, September 18, 2015

BOSTON COLLEGE EAGLES +9 over Florida State Seminoles(Lose 14-0)
BOSTON COLLEGE EAGLES +305 over Florida State Seminoles----Troy Flutie vs Eve Golston?  That's a very,  very,  VERY easy choice for me to make today.  Oh, its a home revenge for Boston College this Jesuit,  Catholic institution............I'm going Jesuit Catholic in this one,  tho FSU does have Jesus Wilson.  BC has Steve Addazio at Head Coach.  FSU has Jimbo Fisher.  Yeah,  ok,  I'm feeling this win.(Lose 14-0.........Thought it was TROY FLUTIE!   Darius Wade plays QB for Boston College and throws a miserable 33.3% to waste an excellent effort by BC's defense.  It's 7-0 for most of this game..............all BC needs is a little luck on offense----they're not scoring,  but they could,  if they had any talent.   Then,  a fumble-REC-TD by Jalen Ramsey..........and the cover is blown---why did that happen?  This is a fucking HOME game for BC.  Why the bad luck?  Pathetic waste.   Pathetic waste of money.  Boston College wasted my fucking money.)

TEXAS RANGERS(Gallardo) -120 over Seattle Mariners(Paxton)-----Rangers on a 2-game rampage and 5-game winning streak.  I'll jump on.(Lose 3-1...........8 runs last night and 14 runs before that?  And these fucking pussies can't beat James Paxton????   What a sick disgrace.  SERIOUSLY,  the Rangers destroyed Dallas Keuchel 2 days ago.  Dallas Keuchel----one of the best SP's in the game this year.   And these losers can't get more than 1 fucking run off Paxton and the Mariners' bullpen.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Bettis) -125 over San Diego Padres(Kennedy)------Kennedy's 1-2 vs Colorado this season;  he does have the Pitcher Revenge,  as one of his losses to Col was recent.  Additionally,  Chris Iannetta went 2-5 w/HR to ruin BCLI's day yesterday............and the day before that,  Ian Krol got the W for Tigers as Ian Kinsler got the GWRBI.   Even considering all of that,  it was Denver,  the Broncos,   a Colorado team,  who had allllllllllllll the luck in the world last night...........and I.......sincerely believe----and demand----that that luck stay with Colorado for this game.(Win 7-4)

YANKEES(Tanaka) -105 over Mets(Matz)-----------yea fuck the Mets.   they got their polack duda back, but fuck 'em,  they suck.   Yankees need games to beat Blue Jays.   And they've got Chase Headley.(Lose 5-1................Forgot:  Yankees have to LOSE this pennant race because they SUCK!!!!   Fucking Chase Headley 6 LOB.   What a sorry team.   HgH a-rod............loser,  cheater,  pharmacide.)

LOS ANGELES ANGELS(Heaney) -113 over Minnesota Twins(Pelfrey)------Heaney started out really good............had some bad starts later on..........but still looks pretty reliable.   Pelfrey,  of course,  is a joke----guy is so fucking hittable.(PPD)

Arizona(De La Rosa) vs San Francisco(Bumgarner) UNDER 6.5(-105)-----Oh,  was that a freak fumble-REC-TD by Bradley Roby last night with mere seconds to go in the 4th quarter to break BCLI's teaser????  Well then Rubby should be at his best today.  No,  he's not that.....but sometimes can pitch 7 or 8innings.   Bumgarner has faced Arizona 4 times this year and dominated----but then,  Arizona never scores any goddamned runs when I bet on their games.  So there's really no doubt AZ will score zero in this game.   But I think De La Rosa should be better than the game should go Under.(Win 2-0.............genuine fence-catch by AJ Pollock.)


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