Monday, September 21, 2015

NEW YORK JETS +7(-120) over Indianapolis Colts(Win 20-7)
NEW YORK JETS +250 over Indianapolis Colts(Win 20-7)
JETS +12.5 over Colts teased with Jets vs Colts UNDER 52---------Many teams did bounce back this week,  altho the Lions,  Bears, Eagles,  Giants and Seahawks failed to bounce back.  Yes,  the Colts were embarrassed on the road at Buffalo last week(and also,  while playing with severely deflated footballs,  were destroyed by the Patriots in that last playoff game) and,  according to 'NFL Theory',  one could expect a better performance from the Colts in this game.   Likewise,  the Jets were +4TO at home against the Browns to secure a 31-10 win and...........that kind of luck doesn't last, right?   But still,  I'd like to give the Jets defense a chance against Luck who...........sometimes has good games, sometimes not.  If the Jets defense succeeds,  I'd expect an Under because I'm pretty sure the Jets would like to run the ball in this game,  keep it on the ground.    Green Bay did win(tho not convincingly) last night,  so Jets have the color advantage.  Huh,  Colts have the home-off-road-loss and I still don't like 'em.(Win by 25.5 and 25..........Jets +4TO...........71 total PA's)


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