Thursday, September 17, 2015

TWINS(Milone) -125 over Angels(Santiago)(Lose 11-8)
TWINS(Milone) -1.5(+160) over Angels(Santiago)------Santiago hasn't faced the Twins this year;  nor has Milone faced the Angels.  Tommy Pham 2HR and 3-4 for Cardinals last night----Milone fucked up last time but he will definitely kick ass today.(Lose 11-8..........Its not just that,  its that Tommy La Stella went 2-4 earlier on this day---Tommy Pham went 3-5 again today.............and SORRY FUCKING LOSER TOMMY MILONE CAN'T FINISH THE 2ND FUCKING INNING WITHOUT GIVING UP 5 RUNS in this goddamn game.  What the fuck,  are u insane?  Twins have a 5-0 lead after the 1st inning....and Milone blows it immediately.  Yet the Twins STILL could have won.........if their bullpen hadn't given up 3 (AJ Achter,  Toledo) 4(Ryan O'fucking'Rourke,  Worchester, Mass) 5(JR Graham,  Livermore, CA) 6(Neal Cotts,  Lebanon, Illinois) more runs.  six more goddamn runs after Milone gets destroyed!)

NATIONALS(Roark) -170 over Marlins(Cosart)------Look:  THE METS FUCKING SUCK.  Go Nationals!(Lose 6-4..........Un-fucking-believable:  Washington Nationals dare to fucking lose for me at -170.   Disgusting.  Neither the Nationals nor the Mets deserve to win this division.  They both suck.  )

CHIEFS +3 over Broncos teased with LOUISVILLE CARDINALS +12 over Clemson Tigers-----I consider Kansas City a team in a state of improvement,  they were +2TO in their win at Houston last week.   They are at home here.   Denver won last week at home but Peyton Manning is old and feeble.   I'm predicting a decline for this team.   Louisville suffered a -3TO loss at home last game to coach Tom Herman's team,  Houston.   Louisville's luck should be a lot better against Dabo Swinney.(Lose 31-24.........its 24-17 with 2:27 left in the game.   KANSAS CITY,  CLOSE THE FUCKING GAME YOU FUCKING RETARDED PIECES OF HUMAN GARBAGE!  Just don't allow a TD.  That's all you have to do.  At that late point in the game,  KC had only lost the Turnover Ratio by 3 TO's.  They could consider themselves fortunate..........that they had an easy chance to win the game,  doing a simple thing on defense that any NFL defense should be able to fucking do.   Denver sucks.  They are a horrible team.  But Kansas City proves it is in fact a WORSE giving another TD and another TO.  Oh, well,  its not quite as bad as their collapse vs the Colts in the playoffs,  is it?  I mean,  it IS horrible,  the worst collapse in NFL history..........other than their collapse against the Colts.  What a disgrace.  What a incomprehensible failure.   I guess Smith only threw 2 interceptions; and Charles had 2 fmbls while De Anthony Thomas had the other fumble.   But how many balls hit KC defenders in the hands and were turned from interceptions into incompletes by being DROPPED?  At least 2?  This is really bad football by both teams,  which I consider to be 2 of the worst team in the NFL............and I'd be shocked if either one won another game all season.   -4 TO for Chiefs on the fucking ratio.  So we'll have 4 more earthquakes above 8.0............4 more hurricanes that hit land legitimately.)


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