Tuesday, September 15, 2015

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Jeff Samardzija) -160 over Oakland A's(Brooks)-----Great run-support for James Shields last night..........could help Jeff Samardzija here-----CWS also have J B Shuck.(Lose 17-6...........17, eh?  I guess this is why I don't bet on fucking -160 favorites.   And I really don't understand this shit.   Is Oakland a great team?  They did score 11 in a game twice in August,  14 once in July,  and 12 and 10 in April.   But this is their highest scoring of the season in a game.  Why Aaron Brooks?   Why in support of him?  He certainly didn't pitch well enough to win,  allowing 6 Runs in 6 innings.   Must be that a "BROOK" is like the moving water----like the kind that just swept away 16 of Warren Jeffs' Mormons in Utah.  Yeah Utah had that coming tho,  they beat Michigan twice in 2 years.  I didn't like that.   Hitters have hit .274 off Samardzija this year;  so he's not great,  not too bad.   Samardzija was fucking shelled in this game.   10ER and 3 walks in 3innings.  Then Daniel Webb came in and got 1 out while allowing another 6 runs and 3 walks.)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Tomlin) +100 over Kansas City Royals(Medlen)-----Indians at home here and while Medlen has that zippy-stuff,  Tomlin has walked only 3 in 41 innings.   Royals are pretty far away up in their division and don't need to win.(Lose 2-0...........Tomlin pitches a CG 4-hitter with no walks............and FUCKING LOSES!!?? What the fuck?  Sick,  pathetic offense by Indians.   What a waste.)


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