Wednesday, September 30, 2015

PIRATES(Cole) -152 over Cardinals(Wacha)-------Cardinals have won all 3 games that Wacha has started against the Pirates this year.(Win 8-2.........Cervelli 2-4 HR)

ANGELS(Richards) -1.5 (-130) over A's(Zito)---------Richards was rocked 7 starts ago but he's usually ok...........Zito is another story.(Lose 8-7..........Error by Johnny Giavotella creates 3 unearned runs..........then another Error by the Angels 2nd basemen,  Taylor Featherston,  leads to 3 more unearned runs.   With a 5-3 lead,  Trevor Gott comes in for the Angels to take the Blown Save by giving up a single,  walking in a run,  and giving up another single to give the A's a 7-5 lead.  The Oakland A's scored 7 unearned runs in this game.  Angels made 4 total Errors in the game.   #66 Ryan Dull picked up the W for Oakland and if you wanna know what kind of games lead to mass murders,  study this one.)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Dickey) -133 over Baltimore Orioles(Gausman)-----Dickey has not faced Orioles this year.(Lose 8-1..........Fucking great:  I saw Toronto winning 15-2 and thought I was winning.  No,  that wasn't this game,  the one that I bet on.   Blue Jays bullpen gets annihilated.  Dickey only gave up 2 hits.   Darwin Barney 2-3, HR for us!!!!  That great debunker of God!   Thanks;  we to originate some new Species' on this planet.   Too many humans too dumb to goddamn fucking PAY ME,  dickhead.)

PIRATES(Morton) -142 over Cardinals(Lyons)-----Morton coming off 2 consecutive rockings;  the truth about him is that sometimes he just fucking sucks.  However,  considering the horrendous failure on the Detroit Lions very recently,  Lyons should lose.(Lose 11-1.............oh its Tyler Lyons.  I thought it was Ted Lyons.   Charlie Morton sucks.   Why don't they just start the Pirates bullpen when he's scheduled to pitch----would have saved them 5 runs.  )


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