Thursday, January 24, 2013

UC DAVIS AGGIES -2 over CS Fullerton Titans-------UC Davis, off 2 underdog victories,  at home here........Titans off 3 non-covers.(Lose 95-88.............Goddamn this shit.   Of all the possible meanings for this HORRIFIC and DESPICABLE loss,  I'm going to have to appoint DAVOS as being particularly salient here:  I will soon prove that ALL OF THOSE RICH,  DISGUSTING MAGGOT-CAPITALISTS----who are destroying humanity, by the way----most likely OWE ME MONEY.   They have enriched themselves during the contemporary course of my increasing IMPOVERISHMENT.   That means that ANYONE who is currently rich has probably profited off of my suffering and bereavement...........and,  whereas Warner Brothers profited EXCESSIVELY off of my work(ie when I was creating HARRY POTTER),  it really doesn't FUCKING MATTER ANYMORE...........whether you profited off my work or my suffering:  You WILL PAY ME.......or you will be eliminated.  Goddam mutherfuckers.)


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