Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS +5 over Illinois(Lose 71-51)
NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS +190 over Illinois-----Illinois "should" be the better team,  having beaten Ohio State by 19pts.  However,  (did they get 'sick in the head'?) Illinois has gone 1-7 ATS going back.   Hmm.  Nebraska has the +ATS and is at home.(Lose 71-51........Having seen the 2nd half of this game,  I can honestly tell you that Nebraska is one of the worst CBB teams I've ever seen.  Horrible shooting---too many White players-----Horrible FT shooting.   These "players" are not basketball players and they are not even athletes.   They absolutely,  and categorically,  SUCK.   Even Nebraska's SCABS sucked once they got put into the game.   I'm surprised that the linemakers---who should be spending more time than I do looking at these teams----didn't favor Illinois by a lot more.  Bottom Line:  Nebraska 'Basketball' a joke.)


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