Saturday, February 07, 2009

*PEPPERDINE WAVES -1 over Loyola Marymount Lions--------Pep has the +ATS record and the +offense and they are off a loss. LoMary has home-off-road-loss and the revenge...........but you have to consider how much of mess this team is this year: They have a player named ARMstead(Adjustable Rate Mortgages have brought America's economy to its knees and wiped out investors in the Jew-criminal industry otherwise known as BANKING). They have another player named VerNON('Ver' is good.......but 'non' is a pure Latin negative.......and could be read 'true not'). And Lions, of course, could easily be construed as "Lyin' ". Hamilton, known as a banking expert in life, has already been injured and, I think, is OFTS for the Lions who have won only 1 game so far. With the great Poseidon doing some trident-rattlin' in Lake Erie today, you have to figure the Waves will come with a good effort. Nominally, they have Mychel Thompson(the bane of Ralph Branca) and Sir Corbin Moore(from Cypress.....Cypress point being a course I've always wanted to play even more than Pebble Beach)(Win 58-43.......Ryan Holmes 17 pts)

MILWAUKEE +4.5 over Detroit---------Milwaukee has everything here: +ATS, shortrange revenge, the +offense, +1 day of rest and home-off-road-loss. They are 2-2 ATS since losing Redd(Lose 126-121..........Horrible luck. Just 2-3 ATS since losing Redd)

NEW MEXICO LOBOS -5.5 over Unlv Runnin' Rebs----------Lobos(which means 'wolves') have the +ATS, the revenge and the +offense(a powerful combination) and they are a good 7-4 ATS at home. Nominally, they have a 'Roman', a 'Tony'(a name still going strong from Santonio in the SB), a Phillip(remember how Flip Murray beat BCLI in the NBA a few days back) and a Faris(Note, how an imprisoned American Jihadist, Suleyman al-Faris, did not receive a pardon, to the enduring peril of the outgoing Bush administration, FROM the Bush administration. And note how the hero of the "bird-flight" just happened to be named SULLeynberger). Rebs have a 'Rene'(a recent financial suicide-by-investing-with-Madoff.....doesnt sound too propitious to me) and a Darris Santee(ahhhhh, no. Darius was from an eastern culture and thus could not be a 'saint' and........I believe, lost to Alexander). Unlv is OFFL..........and no, the war between the states was not fought anywhere near New Mexico. Oh, keep in mind that Adolf Hitler's nickname........had something to do with wolves.(Lose 73-69........."I wouldnt lay 4 with New Mexico"---Spreitzer. Yep, that guy is good. He had it right to pass.......the linemakers had it right. should have passed. Tony had 26 points)

NEW ORLEANS -5 over Ul Monroe Warhawks-----------New Orleans has the +ATS and the revenge while UL has the +offense and is OFFL. UL has an Averette, which is partly good........but the last 4 letters seem to bych it up, and a Lawrence. But they are only 4-7 ATS on the road. New Orleans has Justin Archie(which sounds good) and a TYrna(which should play well down south). They also have a "War-Lee", who should activate here as Lee, I dont think, would have ever thought of himself as a "Warhawk". Jamal BURROUGHS strikes a BCLI is eyeing 400 East 67th street as a possible new base of its operations.(Lose 61-56...........Warlee had 17 pts)


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