Wednesday, February 04, 2009

NEW YORK KNICKS +5.5 over Cleveland(Win 107-102)
KNICKS over Cleveland-------With Revenge, +1 day of rest and the superior offense, Knicks have a good chance to get the home upset they failed to get vs the Lakers. Pavlocic is out with the flu. LeBron's enormous ego should get shriveled in the Garden.(Lose 107-102.......A mortifying embarrassment to NYK as Lebron scores a season high 52 points)

OKLAHOMA CITY +1.5 over Denver----------OKC has short range revenge, +2 days of rest and home-off-road-loss while Denver has the +offense. A good ATS team at home, Thunder have a good chance to pick off the Nuggets who covered last night. Westbrook looks to be activated now.(Win 114-113.......Westbrook had 20)

PORTLAND +3.5 over Dallas-----------Blazers have the +ATS and short range revenge. Dallas not covering at home........I think we can activate qua PROVINCIA cum res erant et possessiones paternae, tum etiam usus quidam PROVINcialis non sine causa a maioribus huic aetati tributus. "Never gonna let ya go, I'm gonna hold you in my arms forever........"(Lose 104-99.........LaMarcus had 21)

NETS -1 over Washington----------Nets have the +ATS, revenge and the +offense. They beat BCLI last night; I think they're sparked and I'll ride it. Wash is OFFL and has +1 day of rest and a terrible 9-15 ATS at home(Win 115-88........Devin Harris 26pts.........HUGE beat down, wow..........EngelWOOD knows we're good.....if ya know what I mean)


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