Tuesday, February 03, 2009

DENVER NUGGETS -6 over Spurs--------Denver has the +ATS record, revenge, +3 days of rest and the better offense. 6 points is 6 points......but with Carmelo Anthony bearing the current hot name(Tony "the Ant" wasnt no saint so he should be on Denver here)...........(Win 104-96.....Yes, Ant goes over his average by 15, scoring 35)

76ERS +3.5 over Celtics parlayed with BUCKS +4.5 over New Jersey parlayed with BULLS +7 over Houston(+600)--------Philly has revenge, +1 day or rest and is OFFL while Boston has the +ATS and the +offense but Garnett is out. Devils suck at home while, despite Michael Redd going OFTS, Milwaukee is a good road team and I like them this year. Bulls have the revenge and a better offense(slightly) and seem to be heating up. Rockets are a mess at home this year; Rafer Alston has been an absolute disgrace to his name......7 points is undeservedly high(Lose by 9.5.......Ryan Anderson, eh?.........from Sacramento)


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