Monday, October 16, 2006


Arizona OVER 34 teased with AZ +18.5(-110)-------Bears pass defense has only allowed an average of 156 yds per game. I thought that was especially low so i checked it out and found that QB's were completing 58% of their passes against the Bears(that percentage is the same as Mcknabb's and 4 points better than Brady).....yet the points werent showing up due to interceptions. Favre got picked twice as did Hasselbeck vs the Bears and Losman threw 3 interceptions. Bears are a great team, I believe, but they've showed most of their dominance at home(they've only played 2 road games). I predict that AZ, at home on MNF after a loss to KC, which should have been a win, will pick it up and score more than people might expect with Leinart attempting at least 40 passes. I dont think AZ will try to run much as they dont run too well vs anyone and Bears rush defense is very good. By betting this, I'm betting that Chicago's pass defense will come up as a bit overrated, today on the road, and AZ will come up with some good offensive plays to score at least 3 times.
(time is 8:18 pm eastern....lets see what it posts as)

Tale from the Crypt

Having the Jets yesterday to ensure no Fears,
I thought I'd have some fun like Britney Spears. So I went
to tradesports to have a Chat. and like the life of Lindsay Lohan, it spiraled into a Spat. I touted Oakland +14.5 following Jedi's pick, and the haters stiffened up, emulating Pamela Anderson's effect on a dick.
I would estimate that 75% of the other chatters were on Denver -14.5 and so they mocked me. While Oakland was stymied, the haters taunted and cursed all things BCLI, they brightened up like the gleam in Paris Hilton's Eye. One hater made a threat, whose name was '23', this hater's contributions to Tradesports chat had amounted to something slightly more worthless than Harry Potter's little knee. He said if I posted a link to this site, he'd report me, inform on me, snitch on me......and he'd do it with spite.
So when 'Drugpest' and 'Fazz' and the nefarious '23',
dared me to post the link I gave it to them for FREE.
Like the chimera of Angelina Jolie naked on the sand, a fantasy improbable, the harsh reality: I was banned.
Why should I complain now, Im a 75% winner. And the naked Shakira, in my mind, is a SINNER.


Anonymous drugtest said...

Not on TS anymore??? You should be logged on and bragging right now! --- drugtest

8:49 PM  
Blogger BannedChatter said...

post my link for me, Drugpest, will ya? And thank Todd for his pick, here's my line:
NFL.CHI@ARI.CHI -9 76.5 17.0 58.25

Tell '23' that he's a snitch, an asshole and someone who has never contributed ANYTHING to TS chat.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

keep up the good work...i love making money and watching the degenerates brag about their winnas but forget to post their big time losers...

10:20 PM  

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