Thursday, July 27, 2017

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Pelfrey) +232 over Chicago Cubs(Lester)(Lose 6-3)
CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Pelfrey) +1.5(+140) over Chicago Cubs(Lester)-----I realize there's a huge problem with the name 'Michael' right now----see Michael Blazek getting totally rocked earlier today by Washington.  But...........this is a big number; White Sox are at home.......Cubs have just recently moved decisively above .500(by 6 games).   White Sox on a 1-11 run right now.  Bad,  yes.  And I used to think Pelfrey was useless.  Yet he's persisted and held batters to a .250 average this season.  Lester DOES do really well sometimes but.........he doesn't always win,  he's 7-6.(Lose 6-3.....Jose Abreu hits 2HR for White Sox and they still lose as Kyle Schwarber hit 2HR for Cubs)


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