Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Jackson) -130 over Milwaukee Brewers(Davies)(Lose 8-0)
WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Jackson) -1.5(+155) over Milwaukee Brewers(Davies)-----Brewers,  still an above .500 team after 1-7 run,  with Davies,  very hittable pitcher who is surprisingly 11-4,  going against the Nationals,  who are of course the 2nd best team for batting average behind the Astros.   Davies walks a bit more than 1 every 3 innings,  so he's not like a Greg Maddux pitcher either.   Nationals at home,  so we'll go for the blowout.(Lose 8-0..........5 total hits vs Davies.   Washington is my MOST HATED team.........because they're fucking pussies.   They suck.  SUCK!  How the fuck can they have the offensive stats they have,  and then do this to me??  I'll remember this.   Nationals just ruining their World Series hopes...........by SUCKING against Davies)

OAKLAND A's(Gray) +106 over Toronto Blue Jays(Valdez)--------Offenses are close,  with A's having scored about 21 more runs than Toronto.(Lose 4-1.........Apparently Gray gave up 4 unearned runs off his OWN Error.)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -119 over Kansas City(Duffy)-----Wow,   Tigers are at home here and........if the home team gets a 20-cent advantage on the line.........well,  Royals are  on a 6-0 run,  but Tigers offense is actually a lot better in most categories(Royals are worst in baseball at taking walks).   And this is of course a revenge game for Tigers,  as they made a bunch of errors on July 20th,   resulting in a 16-4 loss for themselves and Fulmer.   Tigers did hit Duffy last time,  but it wasn't until late,  after the game was out of reach.(Lose 3-1...........Tigers are done.  What a sick disgrace.  )


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