Sunday, July 23, 2017

ATLANTA BRAVES(Newcomb) +355 over La Dodgers(Kershaw)(Lose 5-4)
ATLANTA BRAVES(Newcomb) +1.5(+155) over La Dodgers(Kershaw)----Dodgers have won a lot of games that Kershaw has started..............this year.  But Kershaw hasn't faced the Braves yet.  Im pretty sure Newcomb's better than his recent stats seem to say.(Win 5-4...........Kershaw was kind enough to come out after only 2 innings and the Braves STILL can't fucking win.   What are gonna do,  lose to Ross Stripling???   Yeah,  Logan Forsythe fucked me going 2-4.  3Run HR by Matt Adams in the 9th ties it---if he hadn't done that,  this bet even would have lost.  Austin Barnes had an HR for Dodgers)

ARIZONA(Ray) +104 over Washington(Strasburg)---------Stephenson couldn't win for us with the Reds yesterday so..........Stephen's not the name,  not today.(Lose 6-2..........Strasburg,  kind enough to come out after 2 innings..........and Arizona STILL can't fucking win;  Joe Blanton and the Washington bullpen beat Robbie Ray.   I cannot fucking understand this shit.   Both these damn teams have betrayed me.)


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