Saturday, July 22, 2017

DETROIT TIGERS(Zimmerman) +107 over Minnesota Twins(Gibson)----Zimmerman may be having his worst year but he's still patently better than Gibson.  Tigers' bullpen could always screw it up but Tigers offense........still pretty good even though its underperforming its potential this year.(Lose 6-5........TIGERS FUCKING SUCK......malign disgrace---how do you lose to Kyle Gibson?   Gibson went 7 innings against Tigers.  What the fuck is your problem;  Gibson is the can't hit Gibson,  go home.  Leave MLB you pathetic FAIRIES.  )

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Banda) -101 over Washington Nationals(Roark)------If you look at Roark's 18 starts this year,  you'll see he gets rocked about 40% of the time.   And that's, like,  rocked so hard that his team has almost no chance of winning the game.   And when he doesn't get rocked,  he usually doesn't do great.......just ok.  So Banda,  we know nothing about because he hasn't pitched.  But AZ is at home,  so we'll see what he can do.(Lose 4-3.........This is like the best Roark as ever done.   Yeah,  I'm sure its fair he did this against me.   Roark allowed 2 ER and got 11 Ks.  Three times this year..........he's allowed fewer than 2 ER........and 2 times this year,  he's had 8 Ks.   He's never had 11 K's this except for this game.   So why did the Diamondbacks fucking suck for me?  I don't know.   Fuck those assholes)

Oakland A's(Manaea) vs New York Mets(Wheeler) UNDER 9(-115)-----Manaea is a legitimately quality pitcher who is 8-5 on a losing team.  He can always do good and shut a team down.  Wheeler might suck,  but who on the A's is gonna hit him?   A's can't hit.(Lose 6-5........Manaea was ok until the 6th inning----Wheeler got rocked,  but A's bullpen lost this game and this bet)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Stroman) +107 over Cleveland Indians(Salazar)----Blue Jays offense is clearly inferior in this matchup but..........Stroman has beaten some good-hitting teams lately;  give him some credit.(Lose 2-1.........Blue Jays got 3 total hits in this game.  Blue Jays got only 1 hit off Salazar............terrible.  Toronto is terrible.   Stroman definitely did good enough to win,  but his team sucks)

CINCINNATI REDS(Stephenson) -113 over Miami Marlins(O'grady)--------Reds,  sucking on a 1-7 run,  at home here with Stephenson,  never been any good.  See if we can Jekyll and Hyde this bitch.(Lose 5-4............Stephenson in effect has only one pitch:  a 92-93 fastball that does move.   Very seldom did he throw a different pitch,  which looked like some kind of sinker.   Why do the Reds think this guy can be in MLB with only 1 pitch???   Reds did ok vs O'grady,   but Stephenson sucks too much.  Goddamn this shit)


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