Wednesday, May 31, 2017

COLORADO ROCKIES(Senzatela) +170 over Seattle Mariners(Paxton)---Seattle scored 10 Colorado.  This game is in Seattle.   Ummm,  Rockies have won 9 more games than Mariners have;  Rockies offense is the 9th best at scoring on road(overall,  Rockies' offense is way better than Seattle).   ? on Nelson Cruz,  but not on any Rockies players..........I guess they think Paxton is good.   But Senzatela is not bad.  (Lose 5-0..........4ER off Senzatela in 5 innings--he did not do well.   Rockies offense disgraces itself,  getting 4 total hits off Paxton and 3 and 2/3 bullpen innings by Mariners)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Kennedy) -112 over Detroit Tigers(Boyd)---------give this sorry team another chance.........over his last 4 starts,  Boyd has been about as hittable as a pitcher can be.   And KC's offense,  which is the worst in scoring and worst in walking of all teams,  can't hit well here,  at home,  against Boyd,  then they really are hopeless.   Kennedy has had some good games,  but his last 3 have been bad.   And although he's 0-4,  batters have hit only .190 off him(yes,  he has walked too many).   He's a Sagittarius too.  Although better than KC's,  the Tigers offense is no longer to be feared.(Lose 6-5.............Kennedy 3 4 5 3 4   SUCK .........Boyd was rocked as expected........Royals couldn't hit Tigers' bullpen)


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