Sunday, May 28, 2017

BOSTON RED SOX(Porcello) -188 over Seattle Mariners(Bergman)(Lose 5-0)
BOSTON RED SOX(Porcello) -1.5(-110) over Seattle Mariners(Bergman)-----Two days ago,  Ricky Best was killed by knife by Jeremy Joseph Christian on the Portland MAX train.   Christian was said to be in the middle of some kind of "Crusader-type" racist rant against a hijab-wearing girl and a black girl.   And the lethal violence began after train passengers uh..........."accosted" Christian?  Well,  that's what the cops and media won't tell.   This is a very important game.  Christian seems to be the bad guy----because he's being charged with murder.   Rick Porcello has allowed 29 Hits and 11 ER in his last 18 2/3 inn.  That is NOT good.  But,  he's usually a pretty good pitcher because he doesn't walk people.   Boston is on a 6-0 run;  Seattle's on a 1-7 run.   Christian Bergman was assaulted for 10 ER in 4inn in his last start in Washington.  He's had 3 starts this year.  Red Sox are hitting .272 and are one of the best offenses.   Mariners are hitting .246.   Ricky Best was..........retired from the US Army.   If Christianity turns against the American people,  I can barely fathom the myriad opportunities for social and civilizational collapse within America.  In other words,  it'll be lights-out Helter Skelter if the Mariners are allowed to win this game.(Lose 5-0..........America's crimes have been observed and adjudicated:  The verdict is GUILTY ............they couldn't handle Christian's devotion to Free Speech----America is not what its cracked up to be----it failed this Test.   It's in a deep hole.  It's home religion has turned against it with a true vengeance.   KNOW YOUR HOLY QURAN!   But even that may not save America after this shit.  Bergman dominated,  Red Sox got 5 total hits and 2 walks)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Chacin) +133 over Washington Nationals(Ross)------Joe Ross is coming off 4 starts in which the Nationals scored 62 runs total,  probably the best run support by any team for any single pitcher over 4 consecutive starts in baseball history.   But today,  Harper and Murphy are Out.  That's why this line isn't -225.   Padres offense still sucks,  but I'll play it.(Win 5-3.........Chacin got 2 hits..........Chase d'Arnaud was 2-4 and made a diving play at shortstop and got the out...........Allen Cordova 2-5...........Ryan Schimpf HR.........Franchy Cordero 2-5)

Minnesota Twins(Gibson) vs Tampa Bay Rays(Cobb) OVER 9.5(+100)-------Kyle Gibson, absolutely terrible............let's take this day game Over.(Win 8-6.........Longoria and Sousa had hits to tie this game in the it could go Over in extra innings..........Brandon Kintzler blew the save to put it Over...........Joe Mauer 4-5, HR and 3BBs for an incredible offensive day.)


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