Saturday, May 20, 2017

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) over San Diego Padres(Perdomo) parlayed with SEATTLE MARINERS(Gallardo) over Chicago White Sox(Pelfrey) +206------Arizona has not won with Ray in his last 4 starts.  Ray is interesting so far this year in that he's K'd 59 batters in 45 innings and held batters to a .235 average,  both excellent statistics.  Yet he's allowing all these runs----Oh,  I see,  he's walked more than 1 every 2 innings.  So his ERA is 4.57.   Perdomo was not good last year but is allowing a .266 average against and has walked 1 every 3.4 innings.  Diamondbacks offense has been one of the better offenses in baseball and did score 10 runs yesterday.   Padres offense is clearly the worst in baseball and so, whoever is pitching,  -114 seems a good price----offense to offense----for Arizona,  although SD is at home here.   Although the CWS have a couple guys who are hitting,  I see the door wide open for the Mariners here as their offense has clearly moved ahead of White Sox'(because:  Pelfrey),  even tho Mariners didn't win----or get more than 1 hit----yesterday against Quintana.(Lose 16-1..........Gallardo gives up 9 ER what a shitty effort by Mariners.  They got 5 total hits.  8 of 9 batters in CWS lineup got 2 or more hits.  Avisail Garcia got 2HR and 6 RBI.   Seattle is in WASHINGTON state.  And now that Mitch Landrieu took down the Robert E. Lee statue in New Orleans,  its time for the TRUTH:  George Washington was a wicked slave-owner who owned over 100 slaves and kept hundreds of slaves at his estate.....
(What is clear is that Washington frequently utilized harsh punishment against the enslaved population, including whippings and the threat of particularly taxing work assignments. Perhaps most severely, Washington could sell a slave to a buyer in the West Indies, ensuring that the person would never see their family or friends at Mount Vernon again. Washington conducted such sales on several occasions.)
  ............its a race against  perdition-bearing Time for America to get George Washington's face off the most common bill in the currency.   In the meantime,  every TOWN,  every STREET and every building in America bearing the WASHINGTON name will become a terror-base and locus of terror for spiritual-refugee al-Qaeda and ISIS.    With Slavers on its money,  America is in for a world of hurt if it can't get its act together fast.   It will be difficult if not impossible for the Mariners and Seahawks to win anymore after this.)


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