Saturday, May 27, 2017

COLORADO ROCKIES(Freeland) -111 over St. Louis Cardinals(Wainwright)-----Wainwright's walked 1 every 2.5inn and is off 2 good starts........Freeland's walked 1 every 2inn.   For Stl,  Jed Gyorko's hitting .329 but the Rockies are one of the best offenses in baseball right now and -115 for a home team here......with their offense....looks like a good bet.(Lose 3-0..........Uh,  Wainwright,  who's thrown a .316 average to opposing batters before this game,  allows only 3 hits to the Rockies,  the 2nd best offense in baseball by Runs Scored.   Yeah,  right.   So fixed.  Rockies were at HOME!  And Freeland didn't do bad.   Tommy Pham 3-4 HR.)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Foltynewicz) +111 over San Francisco Giants(Blach)-----Blach is ok.  But Braves are hitting 39 points higher than Giants,  whose offense is one of the worst.  Braves offense is surprisingly good;  even if Freeman is still out,  Kemp is hitting .336 and Flowers is hitting .351.(Lose 6-3..........Foltynewicz gets rocked..........pshh:  BOTH these pitchers are probably Polachs.  But Blach went 2-3 hitting.  Nick Hundley 3-4 HR for SF)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Vargas) +145 1ST 5 INNINGS over Cleveland Indians(Salazar)-----Royals' offense is still the worst,  by current season stats.  But Vargas has doing real good:  walking 1 every 4 and .219 average against.  Salazar,  not as good as last year.(Lose 2-1..........Fuck---Vargas did beat Salazar,  but not until the 6th inning.  KC won the game)


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