Friday, May 19, 2017

LA ANGELS(Nolasco) +146 over Ny Mets(deGrom)-----degrom is clearly better but.......I'm gonna go with Ricky in New York today.....price is decent....and im not sure if a name like Granderson is gonna be held in particularly high esteem right now.(Lose 3-0)

RAYS(Ramirez) over Yankees(Severino) parlayed with ORIOLES(Tillman) over Blue Jays(Sanchez) +300-----Give Orioles one more chance to support Tillman here and, while yanks are definitely Murders Row this year, we'll give a chance to a home team in Florida.(Win 5-4 and 5-3.......Evan Longoria:  4-5 w/ GWRBI, now hitting .249.  For Orioles,  Welington Castillo goes 3-5 w/ 2HR including GWHR..........Mark Trumbo 3-5)


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