Saturday, October 01, 2016

DUKE BLUE DEVILS -3(-120) over Virginia Cavaliers-------Duke lost to Northwestern,  lost to Wake Forest,  then beat Notre Dame last game as a 19.5 pt underdog.  Duke was +2 TO in the Notre Dame win which Notre Dame.  Was it a fluke?  Well,  look at Virginia:  they lost at home to Richmond(UVA was -4 TO in that game).   Virginia also lost to Conn while winning the TO ratio by 1.   Maybe,  since ND lost to Michigan State,  they're not really that good.   I really think Duke must have something..........and here they have the home Revenge.   So I'll play it.(Lose 34-20)

INDIANA HOOSIERS +5 over Michigan State------MSU was -2 TO in their 30-6 loss to Wisconsin.  But Indiana was -5 TO in their 33-28 loss to Wake Forest.  Surely,  both teams will want to do better in this game.  (MSU did beat Notre Dame so they can't be that bad).  But Indiana has the home Revenge.(Win 24-21)

CENTRAL MICHIGAN CHIPPEWAS +3 over Western Michigan Broncos-----CMU has the home-off-road-loss and the Revenge.............and OC Morris Watts.(Lose 49-10..........Jarvion Franklin had 2 TDs against me...........Corey Davis 2 TDs against me.  If you are gonna beat me this bad---running up the score to a 39-pt deficit-----when I have the home Revenge.....things are gonna WESTERN MICHIGAN...
(GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - All eight people injured in the mass shooting on Grand Rapids' Southeast Side are expected to survive, according to a police update Sunday afternoon.

The information comes as police identify the man killed as 21-year-old Juwan Boykin, according to a news release. He was shot during a large party around 3:45 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 9, inside the Clearance Outlet store on 28th Street near Kalamazoo Avenue.)...........)


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