Friday, August 19, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +114 over Boston Red Sox(Porcello)-----Strange that neither of these teams are in 1st place in their divisions.  Boston is tied for 2nd and Detroit is 6 games back.   Obviously,  +114 is a great price for Fulmer at home.   But this is against Boston,  a team that has outscored the Tigers by 102 runs this year.   Is this by far the best season of Porcello's career?  Uhhh......yes(he's 16-3!).  But its possible they ran up the score in his last start( a 16-2 win) in a way that may hurt him in this game.  Porcello has not faced the Tigers this year while Fulmer,  in a No Decision game in which the Tigers won,  allowed 3 ER vs the Red Sox in 7.2 innings.(Lose 10-2.........Fulmer gets rocked and the Italianate Porcello gets his 17th win.   In the long run it could be good,  because Fulmer would have the Revenge in the post season but..........
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At least 247 people were killed after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy Wednesday, according to Italy's Civil Protection Department.)
     This was planned.
(Ben-Hur (2016)
Release Info

Israel 18 August 2016

Italy         29 September 2016 )
      See how it opens in Israel 42 days before it opens in Italy?  Why?  I have no idea;  gotta ask Paramount and MGM.   Because everyone KNOWS how the Roman Empire looks in Ben-Hur.....)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Anderson) +120 over Chicago Cubs(Hendricks)------Cubs hit 6 pts better vs lhps but the Rockies' offense is better than the Cubs' in every category except walks.  There's no doubt Hendricks has been good,  but Anderson is not bad this year,  walking only 1 every 4 innings.(Win 7-6..........Ryan Raburn GWRBI..........David Dahl 2-4 HR)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) -140 over San Diego Padres(Cosart)-----Greinke coming off a massive rocking.   And actually,  tho he started weakly,  Greinke has done ok this year,  going 11-4 on a team that doesn't win as much as it should.  AZ is currently on a 2-5 run.   I don't know what up with Cosart;  he hasn't pitched much,  but over 34 innings he's walked 24 while throwing about a .257 average.   Arizona's supposed to win this one,  they're favored to win,  I'll put a little on it.(Lose 7-4............Pat Corbin loses this game in 1/3 of an inning.........Ryan Schimpf 4-5,  2HR, GWHR.............Arizona's cost me so much money this year)

OAKLAND A's(Graveman) -116 over Chicago White Sox(Shields)-------A's are on a 5-game losing streak,  scoring about 3.5 runs per game over that streak.   Shields doesn't always have a bad game,  but when he does its............pretty extreme.  Good chance here for Oakland to break their streak.(Win 9-0.........CG SHO 2-hitter by Graveman...........Khris Davis 3-4,  HR.........Vogt 2-5 HR)


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