Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS(Lackey) +117 over Chicago Cubs(Hammel)------Hammel...........ummm,  occasionally does ok,  but never for more than 5 innings.  Coming from Greenville, South Carolina----that state that took down the flag,  then claimed to suffer a "1,000 year flood" even though the state hasn't existed for much more than 200 years?  Nah,  not such a lucky state now.  The Truth is that,  with Jaime Garcia being the #2 starter,  apparently,  on this team and Wacha being substantially hittable,  the Cardinals don't have the starting pitching to go anywhere in a full 7-game post-season series(they did win 100 games though,  somehow).   However, the Cubs do need to be eliminated and...........Cardinals were pretty good vs Arrieta,  holding him to less than 6IP.  In fact,  they may have broken him,  which is good.   Bad bullpen for Cardinals yesterday;  but their offense just needs to be a little better.

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                                                  KATA MATHTHAION   11.18 (Lose 6-4..........oh this is real interesting:  apparently the Cubs now have Trevor Cahill,  who's pitched 17 innings,  about,  for the Cubs this year and who came in in the 6th to allow 3 hits----allowing 2 runs to come in--------to get the game tied so he could become the pitcher of record.   And yes,  he got the W and the Blown Save with Anthony Rizzo's GWHR.   Javier Baez 2-3 HR.  Lackey got rocked but did not take the Loss.)

NEW YORK METS(Matz) +140 over La Dodgers(Kershaw)(Lose 3-1)

ARKANSAS STATE RED WOLVES -4.5 over South Alabama Jaguars(Win 49-31.........Chris Stone fmblRECTD........Justin Clifton INTTD.........Warren Wand 85yds.........Tres Houston TD.......Arkansas State +4 TO.........Johnston White 2TD)


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