Monday, October 12, 2015

CARDINALS(Wacha) +190 over Cubs(Arrieta)-------In many ways,  this does not look good for Stl.  Wacha,  for instance,  has been rocked twice in September by the Cubs.   Saints lost yesterday.   Still trying to discover how Arrieta got so good.............guess it started in August.  Cardinals are a Mattic team,  with Matt Carpenter and Matt Holliday.  And Matt Stafford clearly fucked up yesterday with 3 INTs.  (Ah,  but who was that picking him off?  The Cardinals ).   Of course,  Matt Forte got the game-winning TD for the Bears;  so its not all bad on that name.   Of course,  while I had offered the Cubs my services,  the Cubs denied me.   And so they need to be stopped(They can't be allowed to go up 2-1 in this series,  so we've gotta throw everything we've got at them in this game.  We need to show them what is ours.  And that,  of course,  is the baseball field.)   The Cubs hired the wrong people.  And so..........

           o de Insous eipen autois,  Amnv leyw umiv oti umeis oi akolouthnsavtes moi ev tn paliyyevesia,  otav kathisn o uios tou avthrwpou epi thpovou doksns autou,  kathnsesthe kai umeis epi dwdeka thpovous kpivovtes tas dwdeka phulas tou Ispanl.    

                                    KATA MATHTHAION   19.28    (Lose 8-6......Arrieta threw 97 pitches and didn't complete the 6th inn.   So, yes,  he can be beaten.  Wacha..........nuttin:  same old rocking that always seems to happen to him.  Not enough offense from Cardinals and a bad bullpen..............but they won 100 games,  somehow)

NEW YORK METS(Harvey) -1.5 (+130) over La Dodgers(Anderson)-----The Dodgers have been found guilty of targeting with Utley's malicious dive.   If the play had been called correctly as Runner Interference,  the Mets would have been out of the inning ahead 2-1.   So the Mets got robbed---violently----and the Dodgers will now have to check out of this series.(Win 13-7.........Travis d'Arnaud 3-5, HR..........Granderson 5RBI..........Yoenis Cespedes 3-5,  HR)


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