Sunday, October 04, 2015

ARIZONA -1.5 over St Louis teased with SAN DIEGO pk over Cleveland teased with VIKINGS +13 over Broncos teased with GREEN BAY -2.5 over 49ers (+250)------Karson Roberts did FUCK UP for us on Air Force in a mass murdering explosion of turnovers that will be remembered and held against the Air Force and the US Military for centuries.........but I think u still have to go with Carson Palmer.   Rams simply have not scored while Arizona has shown extreme offensive proficiency.   Fitzpatrick won with Jets today so Larry Fitzgerald should be a positive force.(Lose,  and I thought Arizona was my strongest play.   Arizona had 13 more 1st downs in their game,  +7 minutes of Possession and outgained the Rams by 119yds.   But David Johnson had a fumble on the opening kick,  Fitzgerald fumbled and Arizona finished -3 TO)


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