Saturday, October 03, 2015

CLEMSON TIGERS -3 over Notre Dame Fighting Irish------Obviously,  Notre Dame is a dynamic team this year and has many capabilities.   But Clemson is off the bye----they haven't played in 2 weeks so...........can't go against that at home as much as you may not be impressed with Clemson only beating Louisville.   lLook at what Virginia did last week!  VIRGINIA FUCKING SUCKS.  and yet they almost beat Notre Dame.   and then u have to look at Texas.   Notre Dame has been horribly and brutally devalued by what Texas and Virginia have proven to be:  the worst college football teams in history.   maybe we can give Notre Dame a bit of credit for beating Georgia Tech;  but not for beating those sick, fucking pieces of shit teams like VIRGINIA and Texas.  so even if you like Notre Dame,  u have to go with the Tigers,  the home team,  and the alcoholic coach.(Lose 24-22..........15pt lead blown by Clemson.   At a score of 24-16,  with 5:10 remaining in the game,  Clemson decided to attempt a 45-yard FG in the rain.  Well,  that didn't work.  Fuck this shit.)


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