Monday, October 05, 2015

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS -4 over Detroit Lions teased with Seahawks vs Lions UNDER 49.5-----Let's look at the Lions:  Stafford did 53 passing attempts vs the Vikings and the Lions scored only 16 points.   There were 87 passing attempts in the Lions last game(in which,  I believe,  there were 3 turnovers).........and the game went Under by 8.5 points.  Some people say,  All the Lions' games were relatively close so......they have a chance to win.  Well,  the Dow went up over 300 points today and Russell Wilson's # is 3.   That's means the Lions have no chance to win this game.  If the final score of this game is 40-7,  this bet wins.   The Seahawks did have 1 road game that was 34-31,  a high score.   But its inconceivable that the Lions would score 31 points.(Lose 13-10..........This game seemed to be 10-3 or 13-3 for a very long time----throughout the 3rd quarter and half the 4th quarter-----with the Seahawks seemingly just about to make it 20-3...........the score was in the "win-zone" for so long it seemed to 'feel' like a win,  lulling on the 'win-feel'...........until.........a fumble by Wilson in Seahawks territory turning into a FumbleREC-TD by Caraun Reid.  Great FUCK YOU, WILSON .............Off-chest fumble on an 'attempted' punt return by Tyler Lockett.  Game saved by Chancellor with the fumble-force.   All I can say----if that's "Frank" Chancellor----is that the Cubs failed to hire me as a luck consultant----I DONT HAVE A JOB------so I'm sorry:  The Cubs cannot be allowed to win under any circumstances because the didn't pay me.)

Seattle vs Detroit UNDER 43.5(Win 13-10..........61 PAs in this game)


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