Tuesday, October 06, 2015

NEW YORK YANKEES(Tanaka) +100 over Houston Astros(Keuchel)------Yankees are starting Refsnyder.    That's key;  a player that,  to use the cliche,  "makes everyone around him better".  True,  the latest execution of sacrifice in America,  in response to Obama's endless stream of unconstitutional war crimes,  came at Snyder Hall in Oregon.   But,  in the whole scheme of things,  Americans are mostly powerless to stop Obama's rampage of bloody murder,  and Snyder is not the part of the player that makes him so important.   Keuchel has blanked the Yankees twice,  giving NYY the Team Revenge at home here.  And,  since Houston rocked Tanaka,  he has the Pitcher Revenge also.   Theoretically,  the Yankees shouldn't do bad against a lhp,  with Headley and Young and Gardner having been ok vs lhps.(Lose 3-0...........Astros get 5 hits and win.  Horrible hitting by 0-4, 3Ks Brett Gardner----he can't hit lefthanders.  A-Rod 0-4,  2Ks.  Refsnyder 0-3,  probably about to become the world's worst nightmare but......Yankees prove to be what they've been for so long:  The most overpaid team in sports.)


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