Sunday, August 23, 2015

BLUE JAYS(Dickey) -110 over Angels(Richards)-----Dickey used to get rocked,  but he's only got rocked in about 2 of his last 15 starts.   I know,  the Blue Jays won big yesterday.   But the Angels are just not scoring lately;  they deserve to be bet against for that.(Win 12-5......Edwin Encarnacion 4-4,  HR.........Bautista and Pillar both 3-5)

White Sox(Danks) vs Mariners(Walker) OVER 7.5(-110)------Statistically,  these are weak offenses.  For Seattle,  Cruz has hit .370 vs lhps and Cano has hit .255.  So that's kind of a split.   But these pitchers,  while they occasionally have a good game,  I don't care for;  their stuff isn't really that good and never has been.   It's Sunday,  a day game...........yeah,  this one's going Over.(Win 8-6............HRs by LaRoche,  Abreu and Cano.............Austin Jackson 2-4)

CINCINNATI REDS(Iglesias) -110 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Anderson)-----Iglesias got rocked a couple times and then did very well.   Anderson has been rocked in 3 of his last 4 starts yet has shut down the Reds during that span.   So,  Reds do have the Team Revenge against Anderson.  And Reds are at home.(Lose 4-0...........Iglesias had 13Ks and only allowed 3 hits..........Reds suck at offense.  Arizona somehow got 3 DPs.   Total,  pathetic failure by Reds hitters.)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Odorizzi) -122 over Oakland A's(Graveman)-----Technically,  the A's have scored 40 more runs than Tampa this year.   While there's nothing very effective about Graveman,  and Odorizzi never seems to pitch past the 6th inning,  the A's are a wretched,  miserable team that couldn't score more than 1 run on 10 hits for Chris Bassitt when I bet on him;  the A's are a losing team and today,  should lose.(Lose 8-2............Steve Geltz takes the L and the BS for Tampa.   Graveman dominates.  How do you not hit Graveman?  Has Graveman ever done as well as he did in this game?)


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