Friday, August 14, 2015

TEXAS RANGERS(Perez) +100 over Tampa Bay Rays(Karns)----Clearly,  Karns is the better pitcher here and he is from Arlington,  where this game is.  Longoria,  also,  for TB,  hits lhps pretty well.   However,  Rangers have the Team Revenge against Karns for a May 8th beat he put on them.  And look at what Billy Hamilton did last night: 4-4, HR !  Rangers have Josh Hamilton so we'll go with that.(Win 5-3..........Josh Hamilton HR + GWSF.........Delino DeShields HR)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -120 over Atlanta Braves(Teheran)-----Ray has gone 5 starts without a win...........Arizona has scored 6,  13,  13 runs over their last 3 games---while going 2-1-----so yeah,  I'm gonna play this.(Lose 3-2............I have a big problem with this team now:  Arizona has Goldschmidt hitting .340.  Pollock .312.  Inciarte and Peralta at .300.  ..........And when I bet on them, FUCKING NOTHING.  They don't fucking hit for me.   This was not a good game for Ray,  who walked 4 and gave 6 hits in 4innings,  throwing only 45 strikes in 83 pitches.  But still.........Arizona's run production for me has been horrible-----only needed 4 to win this game.)

METS(Colon) -113 over Pirates(Happ)------Let's see if the Mets are good enough for post-season.  Colon is not the best Mets pitcher,  but Mets are at home.   Pitt's gonna try the lhp Happ,  because Duda and Granderson bat left(Duda actually hits lhps well).  Pirates are 20 games over .500,  surely making them one of the best teams I'd think.  Batters hit .289 off Colon but he walks only 1 every 9 innings.(Lose 3-2.............Shocking how well both SPs got along in this game.   Cespedes 3-5 w/HR.  Mets did get their hits----10 hits I think.   And its Bobby Parnell with the Loss,  in a 0inn 3H, 2ER performance.   Mets not ready for prime time.)


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