Thursday, August 20, 2015

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gonzalez) -1.5(+135) over Twins(Duffy)-----Only 2 starts for Duffy----1 good and 1 rocked.   Gonzalez isn't real reliable,  but look at Kris Bryant going 4-4 w/HR yesterday while Khris Davis had 2HR and 5RBI for the Brewers.   Well,  Orioles have Chris Davis.(Lose 15-2........Miguel Gonzalez allows 7ER in 5inn and that is THE WORST start for him this year.  THE WORST.   He's beaten before too,  when I've bet against him.   Now,  he fucks up this bad when I support him.   I've had it with guy,  I'll have him deported back to Guadalajara as an illegal.   15-2?  Oh,  you're gonna run up the score on me,  motherfucker?  Do you know who you're fucking dealing with?  Fuck the Twins...... ...........
(It wasn't until another resident drove by, around 7:30 a.m., that someone realized the men - 26-year-old twins - were dead.

The discovery of Markice and Maurice Harper stunned residents in Camden's Fairview neighborhood, where friends and neighbors said the twins grew up)..........)

ANGELS(Tropeano) -120 over White Sox(Quintana)------Nick Castellanos 2HR going 4-5 yesterday for Tigers while Nick Markakis went 3-3...........gotta take Nick Tropeano.(Lose 8-2..........Tropeano falls apart in the 5th.   CJ Cron 0-4 6LOB.   Angels' offense fucking sucks.)

PHILLIES(Williams) +127 over Marlins(Hand)-------Williams is coming off 3 good starts after his ERA peaked at 6.36.(Lose 9-7...........Jerome Williams allows 8ER 8H and 4BB in 1 2/3innings.  On June 16th,  Williams lasted 2/3 of an inning and allowed 6ER.   But he has NEVER allowed 8ER in a game this year until this one,  when I bet on him.   FUCK THIS GODDAMN BULLSHIT.  And Miami is a weak as hell offense!  What the fuck?)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Flande) +180 over Washington Nationals(Scherzer)----------Oh,  Rockies have Nick Hundley.(Win 3-2..........Flande 2-3...........Reyes 3-4...........GWRBI Ben Paulsen)


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