Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MINNESOTA TWINS(Pelfrey) -115 over Texas Rangers(Martinez)(Win 11-1)
MINNESOTA TWINS(Pelfrey) -1.5(+170) over Texas Rangers(Martinez)-----Both pitchers are highly beatable.  Pelfrey's case is more interesting as he is coming off a rocking,  so he has the revenge against that.  He also has the Pitcher Revenge against the Rangers because.........they rocked him last time.   Michael Lorenzen did get rocked yesterday,  but there were some other Mikes who did good:  Michael Brantley,  for instance,  went 3-6 with the GWRBI,  Mike Moustakas went 2-4 w/HR,  Michael Cuddyer went 2-4 and Miguel Sano went 2-3.  Also,  Aaron Hill went 3-5 w/HR for Arizona and the Twins have Aaron Hicks.(Win 11-1........Aaron Hicks 4-5 HR.  Miguel Sano 3-3 with 2HR,  6RBI and a BB)


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