Friday, August 28, 2015

BOSTON RED SOX(Owens) +190 over New York Mets(Harvey)-----The Mets have gone 9 9 6 16 5 14 14.........they've basically averaged an unheard of 10 Runs/game over their last 7 games.   And you have to look back quite a ways to see a time when Harvey's been rocked.   So........there is some significant "Notional risk" in this bet.  But............OWEN Labrie is free!!!!  He's not guilty.....!!!!   Bitch wuz lying!!!!!    Yeeeeahhh,  Owens.(Win 6-4.........Blake Swihart with the inside-the-park-HR late to pull the Sox ahead;  Ortiz and Bradley both had 2H and an HR.........a bizarre scene in the 7th when,  after Robbie Ross is taken out,  Alexi Ogando----who I didn't even know Boston had-----walks 3 batters,  the last walk walking in a run to tie the game.  But it becomes more surreal when Junichi Tazawa is allowed, with no one up in the bullpen,  to get 2 outs and then walk 4 batters in a row,  putting in another run.   I couldn't watch the end.)

CHICAGO CUBS(Hammel) +200 over La Dodgers(Kershaw)(Lose 4-1)
Cubs(Hammel) vs Dodgers(Kershaw) UNDER 6(+110)--------Cubs have actually won 3 more games than the Dodgers have.   Did you know that?  True, Kershaw hasn't been rocked in a while.......but Rizzo and Fowler DO hit lhps.  And how is Kershaw still so effective?  I'll try to watch this.(Win 4-1........yea I guess he's got a slurve as well as the big curveball.)

Reds(Iglesias) vs Brewers(Jungmann) UNDER 7.5(-120)-----Reds do have the Team Revenge against Jungmann but,  all in all,  he's been effective.............and we know the Reds' offense is a fucking joke.(Win 5-0...........only 3H and 3BB allowed by Jungmann)


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