Sunday, August 02, 2015

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Morgan) +103 over Atlanta Braves(Teheran)-----Phillies are,  of course,  still in last place.   But they've scored pretty well lately,  going 12, 9, 4, 2, 3, 11,  5, 5 for scoring in their last 8 games.(Lose 6-2..........wishful thinking)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) +137 over Houston Astros(Mchugh)--------Astros still 13 games above .500.  I get the feeling they don't like to lose for us.  But I don't know why.  Mchugh is an incredible 12-5 while actually having been rather hittable.   Arizona on the road here.(Lose 4-1.........I would have preferred to win with Ray here.........
(Vincente Montano walked into a theater at Antioch’s Carmike Hickory 8 just after 1 p.m. Wednesday. Seven other people were in the theater to see “Mad Max.”)
Oh,  Antioch.   That's right down there next door to where Ray's from in Brentwood.  Ray didn't do that bad support by the absolutely pathetic hitting Arizona Diamondbacks.   Mchugh should NOT be shutting them down for 7inn.   You have to FUCKING SUCK to not score on Mchugh.   Well,  'Mad Max' is a Warner Brothers movie and Warner Brothers owes me $1 Billion for my role in creating Harry Potter.   And the WB hasn't paid.   They are stubborn.  They are fucking greedy.   And they are ingrates.   The worst,  most hated corporation of all time.  Disgusting.  Filthy.  I hate Warner Brothers so fucking much.   Good movie,  though,  Mad Max.)

NEW YORK METS(Syndergaard) -121 over Washington Nationals(Zimmerman)------Nationals couldn't score enough for us last night so..........I'll go against them here.   The Mets' offense is.......well,  look at this:  Duda hits 2HR for the Mets last night and...........the Mets' score 3 total runs in the game.  Duda hits 3HRs for the Mets on July 29th and.........the Mets score 3 total runs in that game.   Well,  they're a weak offense.  But with Syndergaard having shown solid,  consistent effectiveness,  and with Brandon Belt having hit 2HR last night(along with,  yes,  6 other players who also hit 2HR in MLB yesterday),  we'll count on Granderson generating some offense today.(Win 5-2.......I see Anthony Rendon wanted to ruin this for us,  going 3-4 w/HR.   As if I deserve to go 0-3.  FUCK YOU,  I deserve to go 3-0.)


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