Wednesday, August 05, 2015

CINCINNATI REDS(Holmberg) +150 over St Louis Cardinals(Martinez)-----Reds are 8 games under .500 and Cardinals are 28 games over .500.  So.........we're fighting an uphill struggle here.  But,  we have the home field and Holmberg got good run support in his last start.(Lose 4-3......JJ Hoover gives up the game-tying HR to Matt Carpenter to the blow the fucking save.   Holmberg did well for 5inn,  allowing only 2H,  but 3BB and 2ER.  Reds outhit Cardinals this is really bad fucking luck, isn't it?  Dylan Axelrod took the L.   GWHR Randal Grichuk.  Seth Maness W.)

MINNESOTA(Duffey) +170 over Toronto(Hutchison)------Hutchison is 9-2 but hittable.  Minnesota's offense hasn't produced too many runs in the last few games.  But Matt Duffy was 4-5 yesterday and Danny Duffy got the win at Detroit,  going 7inn and allowing only 1 run.  Seems an auspicious order for Tyler Duffey's MLB debut.(Lose 9-7..........Twins out hit them 10-8........but Duffey just sucks,  I guess.   Makes no sense.   Join ISIS.)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Walker) -115 over Colorado Rockies(Rusin)------Mariners won big last night and,  while some people might take that as a reason to go against them today,  Walker pitched a CG 1-hitter in his last start;  overall,  Walker's numbers for the season are good.........Rusin,  of course,  highly beatable.  So, yeah,  I'm gonna play this.(Lose 7-5............Its always fucking Fernando Rodney,  isn't it?  How many games has he blown for me in his career?  It ALWAYS seem to be him.   Why the fuck is that?  In 1/3 of an inning Rodney gives up 2BB and 2Hits and blows the save.   JOIN ISIS )


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