Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SETON HALL PIRATES -1 over Depaul Blue Demons---------Depaul has the long range revenge, +1 day of rest and is OFFL(which doesnt mean much since this team seems to almost always lose). Seton has the +ATS and the +offense. Certainly, with respect to names, this game is gonna be played far from heaven. But with the Blue Demons having exactly zero home covers, an unfortunate Old Testament-sounding name 'Jermemiah', and 2 players names evoking the out-of-favor(and hostile to internet gaming) Republican party(Mac and WW), I think Seton is worth playing with the small number.(Win 70-49........Eugene Harvey.......19pts)

BULLS -2.5 over Detroit---------Bulls have the revenge, the +offense, +1 day of rest and home-off-road-loss(Win 107-102.........Rose 23pts)

MICHIGAN +4.5 over Michigan State----------Michigan is 2-1 in revenge games; they have the revenge here with home-off-road-loss and are good at covering at home. MSU has the +offense. I'll give UM one more chance here with the 4.5(Lose 54-42..........Disgusting. Michigan has too many white players)

VIRGINIA +10 over Florida State-------------FSU has the better ATS record but UVA has the revenge, the +offense and is OFFL. Virginia is 5-2 ATS on the road; 10 points looks to be a good margin for error and with a Sylven vs a Solomon..........I'll take the forest over the desert Jew.(Lose 68-57.........ZERO points for Farrakhan...........yup, he must have been behind the plot to knock off brother Malcolm)

PACERS +6.5 over Cleveland----------Pacers have the revenge, home-off-road-loss and the +offense while Cleveland is OFFL. With A-Roid now exposed, it may be an appropriate time for a Indiana's JJ to become activated. Also, the worm might be turning on the Cavs' early overperformance in light of that "Ice-terror" on lake Erie(Win 96-95.......Travis Diener 13pts.....Fond du Lac, Wisconsin)


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