Saturday, May 13, 2017

MIAMI MARLINS(Volquez) -127 over Atlanta Braves(Teheran)------These teams are about equal.   Wow,  Volquez has walked 22 in 28 innings.  Don't really see how anyone can walk people like that and still win.  However,  Eddie Butler had a nice 6inning W for the Cubs yesterday.  So Edinson.(Lose 3-1.........Volquez only walked 2 and allowed 4 hits in 6 innings.  But he's now 0-5.....because Miami couldn't handle Teheran.  Nick Markakis went 3-4 for Braves)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Tillman) +107 over Kansas City Royals(Karns)-----Karns has had some good games and batters have hit only .231 against him this year.   Tillman has only had 1 start,  which was good.   But KC has had the worst offense in baseball this season;  they hit for the lowest average and have scored far fewer runs than anyone else.(Lose 4-3........I guess the reason one would bet Tillman is that he often gets big run support.  But he's like...............hittable;  allows 8 hits in 4inning in this game.  Karns had 12 K's in 5 innings, which doesn't reflect too well on the flailing Orioles.  (12 of the 15 outs he got were K's).  Brandon Moss had the game-winning HR for KC........
Calcasieu Parish officials say the shooting of a student at Moss Bluff Elementary in Louisiana Monday morning was accidental.

A 7-year-old boy was shot in his classroom......
"The investigation reveals a first grader brought a loaded gun to school in his backpack. The gun fell out of the backpack in the classroom and another student picked it up. The gun accidentally fired, hitting another student."

"He had absolutely nothing to do with this," Mancuso said. 

The child who brought the gun to school can't be charged, Mancuso said.)
   With all the historical vandalism being done in New Orleans,  I suppose Louisiana had this coming.  It certainly won't be the end of it if they touch that Robert E. Lee memorial.
(A charter bus carrying students from their Pennsylvania school on a field trip to Washington, D.C., crashed on Interstate 95 in Havre de Grace Monday, injuring more than two dozen passengers and causing delays to travelers in both directions, Harford County fire officials said......

One child was flown to Nemours duPont Hospital in Delaware and a woman was flown to University of Maryland Shock Trauma center in Baltimore. )
    That's..........probably close enough to Baltimore to be relevant.   America is in a...........really 'severe' state right now due to government attacks on Confederate heroes,  in addition to the "normalized",  continuing,  genocide being perpetrated on Arabs in the middle east.)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Walker) -146 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Williams)----Williams has had 1 start and bullpen innings.   Arizona crushed last night.   Although the last time I bet on Walker didn't work out,  there's a really big offensive differential between these teams based on what they've done this season.(Lose 4-3............Stone cold boot of a routine ground ball by Brandon Drury at 2nd base allows the unearned run in the 4th inning that decided this one-run game.  Nick Ahmed his 2 HR,  pretty surprising,  for Arizona and it wasn't enough.  Williams dominated Arizona.)


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