Wednesday, October 05, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Bumgarner) -113 over New York Mets(Syndergaard)(Win 3-0)
SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Bumgarner) -1.5(+155) over New York Mets(Syndergaard)-----Mets went 7-3 to catch this chance for a Wild Card.   But if they win this,  they face the Cubs, right?  The Mets have 3 starting pitchers on their roster:  Colon,  Syndergaard and Gsellman.    Degrom's not on the roster.  Matt Harvey hasn't been on the roster in a long time.   I don't think the Mets would beat the Cubs this year.   So why put them in when the Giants,  with Cueto,  Samardzija,  Moore and Bumgarner,  might not even need to start the erratic Cain or Peavy?  I don't see the Mets as having the personnel to do much in this postseason but........they did win 87 games,  just like the Giants did.(Win 3-0.............CG SHO by Bumgarner.........GWHR by Conor Gillaspie)


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