Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Lopez) +110 over La Dodgers(Kazmir)------Nationals are about 19 points higher vs lhps at .269.   They have the Team Revenge against Kazmir who did well enough to win against them on June 21st.(Lose 8-4)

LA ANGELS(Lincecum) -120 over Texas Rangers(Lohse)-----Lincecum..........has basically gotten rocked every start after his first one,  in which he did good.  Lohse has had one start this year.  Even though the Angels are in last place(and the Rangers are in 1st),  their offenses are similar;  neither is clearly better than they other.   But after the All Star break,  the Angels came out swinging,  scoring 6 runs per game on average over their last 4 games.(Win 8-6)

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS(Martinez) -188 over San Diego Padres(Rea)(PPD)
ST. LOUIS CARDINALS(Martinez) -1.5(-105) over San Diego Padres(Rea)-----Rea has faced Stl once and took a no-decision.  Cardinals offense has actually scored more runs than the Rockies now.(PPD)


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