Wednesday, July 06, 2016

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Miller) -125 over San Diego Padres(Rea)----There are reasons to avoid betting on the impossibly bad Shelby Miller.  But has he,  and Arizona,  hit rock bottom?  Arizona's on a 2-8 run and it looks like they've gone 4-9 in games Miller has pitched for them.  (there must be some reason AZ thinks Miller's still good enough to pitch for the team).  Rea's not a bad pitcher at all but AZ is at home,  needing a win,  and they have the better offense,  superior in average(by a lot),  Runs and Walks(by a little).(Lose 13-6......HAVE to stop betting on Miller.  Both starters got rocked but.........Ryan Schimpf has 2 HR for San Diego and Solarte and 5 RBI w/HR for them too.)


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