Sunday, July 17, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -145 over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)(Win 4-2)
DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5(+130) over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)-----Tigers have the Team Revenge for June 17th,  when Ventura really shut them down.(Win 4-2........Tyler Collins got a hit and then Jarrod Saltalamacchia hit the GWHR in the bottom of the 9th; Nick Castellanos was 3-4)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Turner) +118 over La Angels(Weaver)-----Amazing shutout by Shoemaker yesterday with 13Ks.,  White Sox have the Team Revenge against Weaver from early in the season(one of his few good games this year,  I guess).(Lose 8-1..........Turner did get rocked,  but Weaver hasn't done this well in quite some time.........2HR by Albert Pujols.  Looks like the White Sox have Carson Fulmer now, who came in for 2 innings late)


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