Saturday, July 16, 2016

HENRIK STENSON -125 over Phil Mickelson in Round 3----Weather's different today;  its windy and cold.  Mickelson's been tearing it up,  and on the first day the weather was perfect(Mickelson's from San Diego).   I think Mickelson actually can be pretty solid in this wind.  But I'll go contrarian,  hoping his luck won't be quite as good.  Stenson,  a Scandinavian in this more "austere" weather,  is a Mutual of Omaha and BOSS player.  Mickelson,  an "insider trader",  is appropriately owned by the Libor-rigging Barclays and KPMG,  which,  as far as I know,  is a non-corrupt accountant(or maybe they just haven't been caught yet).   Big, 13-run win by Dodgers yesterday with Howie Kendrick going 3-5:  kind of rhymes with 'Henrik'.(Win 68 to 70)


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