Monday, July 18, 2016

MIAMI MARLINS(Fernandez) -180 over Philadelphia Phillies(Nola)(Win 3-2)
MIAMI MARLINS(Fernandez) -1.5(-115) over Philadelphia Phillies(Nola)-----Marlins are now 2nd best in baseball in batting average and have scored about 50 more runs than Phillies have.  Nola gave up 3 ER to Marlins on May 8th in a no-decision.  It was on June 11th that Nola collapsed;  he had been pretty good before that but........hasn't done good after that date.(Lose 3-2..........GWHR Martin Prado............Nola goes 6 2 0 1 5,  way better than he's done in a long time)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gausman) -103 over New York Yankees(Nova)----Gausman is 1-6........hmm.  You'd think he'd have more wins pitching for the Orioles.  Nova doesn't walk people but he's certainly hittable.  Orioles have scored about 71 more runs than Yankees;  Yankees are at home.(Lose 2-1........Orioles get 5 H and 5 BB.   Surprising that Nova was able to do this well against what I thought was a strong Oriole offense.  HR Alex Rodriguez)


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