Thursday, July 21, 2016

MINNESOTA TWINS(Duffey) +188 over Boston Red Sox(Wright)-----Boston is hitting 50 pts higher than Minn and has scored 103 more runs then they have.  Boston is on an 8-1 run and is clearly an offensive juggernaut.  Twins,  conversely,  are 21 games back;  but they are on a 5-3 run and have won their last 2.  Twins do have the Pitcher Revenge and Team Revenge for what happened in this matchup on June 10th.   Wright, well,  he has given up some runs in his last 4 starts but,  overall,  is a much better pitcher than Duffey.  So,  it does seem that maybe the Twins should be getting, like, +275 here.  But we just can't ignore Tyler Naquin's 3-4,  2HR,  6RBI production last night.   Go with Duffey,  even at +188.(Lose 13-2..........Wright's a knuckleballer;  that's why he can do this good.........and then be so rocked his next start.........Dustin Pedroia was 5-5 )

ATLANTA BRAVES(Foltynewicz) +161 over Colorado Rockies(Bettis)(Lose 7-3)
ATLANTA BRAVES(Foltynewicz) +1.5(-120) over Colorado Rockes(Bettis)------This same pitcher matchup resulted in a 4-3 Rockies win 5 days ago.   Rockies have scored 480 Runs and Braves have scored 323 Runs;  so there's no comparison between these offenses.  However,  Bettis is not that hard to hit.(Lose 7-3)


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