Friday, July 01, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -102 over Tampa Bay Rays(Smyly)(Win 10-2)
DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5(+160) over Tampa Bay Rays(Smyly)----It's not just that Smyly has been getting worse,  its that he's from Little Rock, Arkansas,  a breeding ground zero swamp progenerating some of the worst political and governmental corruption which,  even today,  has a noxious effect as Bill Clinton meets secretly with the Federal Government's attorney general.(Win 10-2............Victor Martinez 2HR........3 hits a piece by James McCann and Cameron Maybin.)

OAKLAND A's(Gray) -148 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)----Pirates have scored 29 more runs than the A's.  A's do hit better vs lhps than vs rhps.  Locke is coming off 2 good games and,  while batters have hit .277 off Gray(much worse than he's done in past years),  you have to consider Danny Espinosa's 2HR and 7 RBIs yesterday for the Nationals:  Espinosa is guy who never hits;  I'd be surprised if his lifetime average is above .230.  7 RBIs from him yesterday?  I see his name on the A's offense.(Lose 7-3........Gray sucks this year.  That's just the reality that will have to be accepted...Joyce, Harrison and Mercer all 2-4)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Teheran) -119 over Miami Marlins(Nicolino)(Lose 7-5)
ATLANTA BRAVES(Teheran) -1.5(+175) over Miami Marlins(Nicolino)------Nicolino's coming off 10 innings in which he gave up 22 hits gotta give respect to Teheran,  how good he's been this year.  Last game,  Teheran pitched an 8 inning shutout,  went 2 for 2 as a hitter,  and his team lost 1-0 in the 11th inning.  Miami's offense is, of course,  a lot better.(Lose 7-5.......They hit Teheran right off the bat so it was a very substandard outing by him.  However,  Tyler Flowers tied the game in the 9th with an HR........then it was runner on 3rd,  1 Out,  bottom of the 9th.....all Jace Peterson has to do is put the ball in play and the Braves would likely win.  Jace Peterson struck out.  Marcell Ozuna always seem to hit against me....and he was 4-6 HR in this game.  Marlins pinch hit Jose Fernandez----yes,  a pitcher hitting .250-----to get the GWRBIs in the 12th.)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Rea) +130 over New York Yankees(Eovaldi)----Rea's not outstanding but he's playable.  Neither offense is clearly better than the other.  But Eovaldi has allowed either 4, 5 or 6 ERs in all of his last 5 starts.(Win 7-6...........Will Myers 2-3 HR......Solarte 2-2......Rea 6 4 1 1 5)


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